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Category: Film and Theatre Arts

Film marketing in Hollywood

This essay will look at film marketing and promotion in general but with special emphasis to Hollywood considering that they are the pacesetters while other countries play second fiddle. Film marketing is crucial as you will be finding ways in which to sell things to people that they do not . . . Read more

To what extent did playwright Cont Mhlanga succeed to articulate the socio-economic and political misdemeanours of the government of Zimbabwe through his Sinjalo and Stitsha productions.

Cont MdladlaMhlanga is a retired Zimbabwean playwright who was based in Bulawayo since the 1980s and has been in the arts industry for 36 years. His long stint in the arts sector saw him scoop numerous awards like Prince Claus, from his literary works, productions and directorial debuts. He established . . . Read more

Give an account of the problems that the film industry in Zimbabwe is facing, using film industry giants like Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood.

The Zimbabwean film industry is replete with problems that continue to threaten its survival and growth. The problems range from man-made, political, social, economic and technical. These include neglect by the government to recognise the industry as viable, shortage of foreign currency for acquisition of skills, equipment and marketing, censorship . . . Read more