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Basic Evangelism

Basic Evangelism - Fundo Learning
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This course will examine the concept of Christian evangelism from two different vantage points. First, we will look at the foundations of evangelism. It is not enough to say, “Evangelism is an important part of Christianity.” For although this statement is very true, it does not adequately show just how important evangelism is. Evangelism is a cornerstone to the faith. It is so important, in fact, that we describe our faith in terms of evangelism.

“Evangelical Christianity” is a faith which not only stresses the saving work of Jesus Christ, but also the believer’s sharing of that faith with others. In part I, we will first attempt to show the significance of evangelism from the pages of Scripture and thus prepare the foundation for the rest of this course (chapter one). Having set the stage with a biblical basis for evangelism, we will next turn to Scripture for some biblical examples of evangelism (chapter two). How did God’s prophets and apostles share His message with the people and what were the techniques that they used? We will attempt to answer these questions not simply for academic reasons, but to make application to our own witnessing.

Although Jesus could certainly be included in this chapter, we will devote an entire chapter to examining his evangelism style (chapter three). Jesus was the master evangelist and we have much to learn from him. Chapter four will conclude the section on the foundations of evangelism. In it, we will look at some of the methods used today by modern evangelists.

Part II will attempt to make concrete application of these biblical examples to our own present day evangelism. Chapter five will examine the power of personal testimony as it pertains to evangelism. Chapter six will look at the fact that evangelism does not occur in a vacuum. Evangelism takes place in a warfare context. As salvation is a matter of life and death, spiritual entities battle over the souls of humans. It is therefore vital that our evangelism be accompanied by prayer and spiritual warfare on behalf of those with whom we share the gospel. Chapter seven will equip you to better handle objections to the faith which commonly arise during evangelism. This course will conclude with some overarching conclusions about evangelism for your present situation. It is my fervent prayer that you deepen your understanding of the necessity of evangelism with this course. I pray that the information you gain from this course will not be simply theoretical knowledge, but will show itself in much fruit for the ministry the Lord has given you.


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